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Spraying Chemical on Stairs


Unclean environments are thriving places for bacteria, viruses, and germs. Providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your employees and customers is essential for protecting the spread of germs and bacteria easily through contact. At PRIME Building Services in Bowie, and Prince George’s County, MD, we ensure pathogens are eliminated through our professional disinfecting services using government leading industry standards and maintaining use of quality disinfection and cleaning agents alongside top of the line equipment!


Our team is trained to spot areas prone to collect grime and cross-contamination. Our team is equipped with the best tools to provide thorough office sanitization and maintain a healthy environment for your business. Being that workspaces see higher foot traffic, each corner and area must be cleaned and sanitized for everyone’s protection and the health of the company in the Bowie and Prince George’s County, MD, community.


Scheduling our office sanitization services regularly reduces the risk of infection and illness in your workspace and business. Contact our team today and schedule a deep cleaning from our expert team of cleaning technicians.

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